In memory of 李朝政同學

以此篇商業週刊2002年五月訪談,表達追思與推崇李朝政同學。 在竹科流傳著一則關於瑞昱半導體工程師的傳奇故事,他們說︰「瑞昱之所以在網路晶片領域竄起,是因為挖到一個寶。」 全文在國立交通大學秘書室po文  

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Newly Graduated!

Congratulations on newly graduated students! We have 李俊興 (Chun-Hsing Li), who just received his Ph. D. degree, and 盧勁夫, 賴珀質 (Albert) just graduated from the master program. Wish them good luck!

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2013 A-SSCC

Website: Location: Resort World Convention Centre, Singapore Time: Nov. 11 ~ 13, 2013 Paper submission deadline: June 12

Award Winner

😛 Congratulations on Li, Chun Hsing, for his outstanding research! We just won the stunning paper award by Chinese Institue of Engineers (中國工程師學會102年度詹天佑論文獎). The paper is titled as “The Theory Continue Reading →